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Insurance Agent

About True Assurance

At True Assurance our passion is to treat you and your family like we ourselves would want to be treated. Our mission is to provide you and your family with the proper amount of protection based on your specific needs. 

Our products are designed to protect you from unforeseen events that can devastate your family if unprepared. We are here to help you provide income for your loved ones, eliminate debt, and invest for the future.

Call True Assurance When You Are...

Needing coverage that pays while you're still alive.

Tired of paralyzing debt and are desperate for a way to accelerate the payoff.

Frustrated with future retirement taxation and want a tax-free solution. 

Fed up with market volatility and yearn for a solid return with no losses.

Disheartened with the limits of 529’s and want a flexible, tax free, college funding solution.
Signing a Contract

Connect with us today and get protected,
get True Assurance!

Our Partners

Gather Leads With Ease

We're the company where the sales come to you, not the other way around.

Leadership That's Here For You

Unlike other company structures, our leadership works for you, Sounds crazy right? But that's how it should be. 

Education Tools Made For You

Our company was built by agents, for agents. Equis invests in your financial education, because that's how we do better as a team.

Online Training

Expert training from the industry's best is on the Equis Financials own training platform. It is 100% free and available for all your electronic services.

National Training Conventions

Looking for education that's a little more personal? Our national training conventions are great opportunities to train and get to know your fellow agents. You can even grab some one-on-one time with some of our best agents to help you improve your business.

Equis Financial Business Overviews

Receive the greatest product and sales training from the Equis Executive Team. top field agents, and insurance carrier representatives in person, in a city near you.

Equis Podcast Network

Plug into training on-demand. Our podcast lets you take your learning on the go and improve wherever you go.

Weekly Webinars

Join industry titans each week like Bill Martin, Vice President of Sales, for interactive webinars and questions answered live.

Top-Notch Technology

From a back office that makes your job easier to integrate with our partners. Our technologies job is to get out of the way, so you can serve your clients at your speed.

Marketing Enabled

A strong brand, a credible reputation, a suite of digital marketing tools are here to help you establish yourself as a professional and expand your business as an entrepreneur.

While we can shield you from great risks and provide for your financial needs, we can’t protect you from everything... “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”  Luke 18:27

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